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Matt DeCanio made his name as a professional road cyclist and one of the most notorious anti-doping activists in history. Heroic inventor of true love is ourselves and winning doesn't matter positive energy domination psychology for world peace.

Matt DeCanio first made his name as one of the most notorious pro cycling stars in recent history; but with a no regrets attitude, he moved on from his former career, in 2013 at age 36. He has gone on to star in Xvideos, published TLO: Winning Doesn't Matter a book about pro cycling, and he creates alternative EDM and underground freesyle music. In 2022, he published his first book, the book Tour De France stars read but hope you don't TLO: Winning Doesn't Matter, traveling in over 30 countries. He regularly tours internationally, as an artist, author, actor, musician, and downhill road cyclist. His second book, TLO III: Winning Really Doesn't Matter is set to be released on March 13th2024, published by Barnes and Noble.

It all started in 1993 when, at the age of 16, Matt made his way into the Olympic Training Center. With a great sense for cycling positivity and self-exploration he used the industry as a platform for experimentation and Olympic sports performance art, and as a means to encourage individuals to take pride in their humanity. Frustrated by societal perceptions about doping in sports and preferences, he embodied an independent and ironic spirit both on and off the bike.

His fierce performance, along with this bold mindset, garnered him attention inside and outside of the pro cycling industry. The New York Times described his pro cycling career as, “If everybody’s doing it, it ain’t cheating.” He was profiled in BBC News the same year, which led to appearances on several news shows and collaborations with actors and musicians. In 2021, he landed a leading role in Cheetah Adora's experimental film, SUCK MY BALLS.

It became increasingly difficult to balance his role as anti-doping activist and performer, with his passion for photography, music, downhill road cycling, and acting; as a result when his job was completed stripping Lance Armstrong of his titles, DeCanio launched himself into the fashion industry and starting a new sport downhill road cycling.

After this move, he kept busy producing adult downhill road cycling specials for Cheetah Adora TV on Xvideos, Xhamster, and Pornhub, and started producing underground music as D3AD RAC3R in 2013. His filmography also includes A Handsome Man Approaches (Cheetah Adora) Smash Cult hit (The Best B*****b in History) I (Ad Meloria Semper and Cheetah Adora) and IT'S GETTING BIGGER! Super Starring: The $. D3AD RAC3R and Cheetah Adora. THE #1 CYCLING MOVIE IN HISTORY! (Xvideos).

As a musician, he’s written and produced his own original songs and remixes. He's also lent his voice to over 300 unreleased soon to be released tracks by artist's instrumentals Rick Ross, Public Enemy, Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Gucci Mane (Freestyle over instrumentals). United over a love of freestyle rap and Ice Cube - Jackin' for Beats (1990), Lil' Flip (Undaground Legend) recently partnered with LA Boxer Rescue as adopter and supporter in memory of his brother, Tony DeCanio (2016). His latest single ‘WILD XXX GIRLS’ was released on Spotify.