"We race to figure out the meaning of racing is that winning doesn't matter.  Those who created us are corrupt.  To free yourself you must look inside.  To save the world you must.  True love is ourselves.  Everything we love externally from our own soul will go away and when it does we will be left with our self love.  Those with a high self hatred seek temporary external forms of happiness and love in the forms of power, violence, money, fame, drugs, sex, and winning.  The more a person hates himself the more he will seek the external sources.  This person in time will lose all of his external love sources and when this happens the chaotic crisis begins.  We are born alone and we die alone. 

The chaos of your negative energy virus which you will have then spread to everyone in your life will be infected with your negative energy vibrations.  These vibrations come in energy which travels through our eyes, our ears, our mouths, and through physical contact.  To make love vs. to rape.  We are organic batteries of life energy.  At birth we have a high positive charge, soon the world and all those living here infected with negative energy will begin to breakdown the organic battery in human form.  The more negative events that occur the lower the life energy battery goes.  When the battery is empty self hatred begins.  The cycle continues.

Our souls have cosmic energy weight.  Heaven and hell are dimensions which selects souls based on cosmic energy weight.  Children, dogs, and insects can sense our souls cosmic energy weight because they are highly sensitive to energy vibrations.

Before death one must improve his soul's cosmic energy weight and this process begins with learning to truly love ourselves.  Then mastering the art of truly loving ourselves.  It's a long and hard process.  We won't be rewarded with external love sources but that is irrelevant because they are temporary and will go away in time.

Winning is a form of temporary happiness.  Lance Armstrong has demonstrated what a high abundance of negative energy vibrations in his childhood can do to an entire sport, culture, nation, and world.  But we still have souls and while we are alive we can reverse our negative energy charges and we can learn to love ourselves.  Once we do this we can alter the energy vibrations of the world and have world peace.  Failure for us to pay attention to the research of Dr. Emoto and Dr. Wilhelm Reich could possibly lead to an apocalypse as stated in religious texts.

Currently I am researching the connection between the collective energy fields of living organisms and weather/earthquakes/volcanic activity.  During many great wars the temperature dropped to the lowest recorded in history.  During many great wars the temperature rose and draughts followed.  Also dormant volcanos became active during war, as did earthquakes causing tsunamis.

We are also getting blasted with EMF radiation through plugged in lap top computers to our ears through our earbuds.  Through cell phones and electronic devices.  Through the air we breathe.  All of these are factors to our life energy batteries.

Be a good person, do things that make you love yourself.  Winning doesn't matter.  Not at all." -Matt DeCanio

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